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Installation of 50 state drawings:


“Travel History all in my hands”, Pen and ink on paper, 8×8″, Oct. 13 2007


Major Highways, Cyanotype on paper, triptque, each 24×14″


Two Hands Inverted, Pen and Ink on Vellum, 10×20”

Cropped Cyanotypes from Two Hands Inverted:

img_4092.jpg img_4097.jpg img_4095.jpg

img_4505.jpg img_4504.jpg

US Lights at Night, Cyanotype on Sumi, and drawing for US Lights at Night, Pen and Ink on Vellum, 14×20


Vermont Freedom, Van Dyke Print on Sumi Paper, 13 ½ x 10 ¼”


Two Hands Inverted, Cyanotype on Sumi Paper, 10×20”

Travel across the L(h)and; America and Europe, Large Scale Cyanotype on Cotton

It goes as it grows

It Grows as it Goes, Cyanotype on Paper, 18x 24”


Drawing for’It Grows’, Pen and Ink on Vellum, 18×24″


Directions Home, Graphite on Paper




Uprooted and Overturned, Graphite on Paper

img_1849.jpg img_1847.jpg img_1845.jpg img_1844.jpg july5.jpg

p1010054.jpg p1010044.jpg




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  1. Kristen Henton / Jun 15 2008 7:33 pm

    Hi. This is Scott Henton’s wife. Kathie sent me your website. I am also pursuing studio art. I graduated this May and will begin my MFA in the fall. I really enjoyed looking at your work. Do you plan on teaching? I love using the photo emulsion processes. I am sure I will meet you sometime if we are ever in California at the same time. If you want to check out my work you can go to Good luck with everything in the future.

  2. Richard Herbst / Nov 13 2008 12:54 pm

    hello there miss scott, just wanted to say hello. loved the website. give me a call sometime when you are free.



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