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Bio. Hilary A. Scott is a painter and mixed media artist who lives and works in Southern California. Having traveled much and moved across the country and back, her works revolve around the idea of land, travel and these experiences. Through her practice she has beautifully reinterpreted maps, as a functional art, in a fine art form. Her use of the road as line explores the relationship between man and nature and captures the unexpected as worthy of recording in a new way. She has exhibited in The Weisman Museum of Fine Art in Malibu, California, DeSoto Row Gallery and Alexander Hall in Savannah, Georgia, and Gallery RFD in Swainsboro, Georgia. Her work has won her portfolio-based scholarships from both Pepperdine University and the Savannah College of Art and Design in her studies. Currently, she explores making personally significant maps of the United Stated in an array of mediums. The prolific process employs elements of drawing with pen and ink, the alternative photographic process of cyanotype, oil painting on a large scale, fibrous embellishment and three-dimensional painting on globes with acrylic paint and medium.


If you are interested in any of the artwork you see on this site, please contact the artist for prices and questions at:

For identification purposes, copy the link for the particular image or images you are interested in and include in your email inquiry.


A day in the life of sun-printing….



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  1. Annie O / Sep 29 2007 4:38 pm

    Your work with detail and line in your paintings is awesome! The arial views with relationship to line is phenomenal. What a wonderful idea and concept! You really are seeing the world and entering art from another point of view. Your business card lends itself to amplifying this line and design skill. WOW, what a new a fresh look at ART! Kodos, Hilary!

  2. Masumi / Sep 24 2009 5:52 pm

    Hi Hilary!
    How are you??? We are looking at your blog (here!) in our self promotion class tonight!
    Let me know how things are going over there in the W. Coast!
    -love, Masumi

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