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February 27, 2008 / hascott

Just keep working…

After I completed drawings of all 50 states (although Nebraska is MIA)… I have assigned myself another daunting project. After much input I have divined that my maps need to be more personal.I am going to track the great distance between my home in California and my home in Georgia by retracing the map of my journey of a road trip that I took when I moved east. The almost 40 hours of driving has been broken down into 4 1/2 in squares that represent the amount of road driven in 15 min. I am retracing each one in real time by spending 15 min drawing each. I have laid them all out on my studio wall in a grid with vinyl over which I am drawing on. 140 squares later I will use the vinyl panels to make sunprints of each and install in a singular row wrapping a room. It should be very powerful.This is the first step…jourprep.jpg dont mind the mess on my walls, it shows a history of messing painting in that space.


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  1. akeck / Mar 3 2008 10:17 am

    Hillary, I love your idea! It brought me back to our class together last summer. That was the first thing you talked about! You’ve come full circle. It’s funny to think the concept was in front of you this whole time. I love the way you are experiencing your journey again in real time.

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