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January 23, 2008 / hascott

…still catching up from the fall…

-Bridge Show-

I was in a Chinese painting exhibit at Alexander…Here are some snips from the opening in November.

chpntgopening.jpg img_4431.jpg

the lovely Alexander Annex with food(left) and my collage piece (right)

chpntg_fan.jpg img_4436.jpg

Fans… Apparently my character calligraphy is so good I could be Chinese! Or so said the visiting artist from Shanghai. But it’s all greek to me…

overseer.jpg img_4442.jpg

“The Overseer” Chinese paint on Fabric Interfacing (left), my red poppy is in the top right (right)


Overall it was a good turnout, and I got some work out of the exposure from it.

This makes my 3rd show in 2007 (if you aren’t counting Open Studio Night, in which case you would add another)


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  1. emily / Jan 28 2008 1:12 am

    i really like the bold femininity of the collage piece and it is so amazing to see the variety of work that you are producing. everything has that hils flavor. which is an excellent thing to have 🙂 you are amazing.

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