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January 11, 2008 / hascott

Catching you up to speed

I now have a wonderful new camera..ala Joshua Dildine and I can take pictures and keep up on this again.


At the end of the fall I passed my 15 hour review with flying colors. Here is some of what I was doing at the close of the quarter:

Van Dyke Print, Vermont

This Process has the similar effect to Cyan prints but is Brown and more complicated. This is my first successful try.


Hand Stiched goodness


“Two continents in hand”

Sort of like He’s got the whole world in His hands…but Im not God.

This is a memory of North America in my left hand and Europe in my right. My first attempt at large scale Cyan printing on fabric. I exposed it in the street in front of my house with sand for shading. Its very big.

I was also in two shows towards the end of the fall quarter. They were a hit. I will include photos as soon as I get them out of Claire Teschel‘s camera. Check out the progress she has made in her color tiles… This talented designer is doing some pretty nice Fine Art if you ask me.


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