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November 30, 2007 / hascott

Knit knit

Sorry, I have been neglecting the blog since I have been back in California. My computer chrashed, I have no access to any of my files and I lost my camera a while back. Not good.

But, since I have been home I have been knitting lots. It soothes me, which is exactly what I need after the whirlwind of a quarter I just went through.

I recently did some watercolor floral pieces that are up for consideration as a part of SCAD working class studio. If I got it, they could be cashmere sweaters in Fall 2008 at Henri Bendell in NYC. Exciting. We will see if anything come back. But it was fun to do if it doesnt. Josh imposed the paintings on a sweater image to see what it might look like…

sweater41.jpg sweater51.jpg






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  1. sara / Dec 13 2007 11:55 am

    Thats amazing! How did you get that cool gig? I hope you are having fun in Cali!

  2. hascott / Dec 13 2007 12:20 pm

    The guy from working class studio saw one of my paintings in Alexander at the Chinese painting exhibit.
    But I havent heard back from him so I dont think I got it 😦
    But its was fun to work on.

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