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November 2, 2007 / hascott

Open Studio Night..a belated report.

Alexander Hall (painting dept) Open Studio Night was a couple of weeks ago. It is a big opening of the whole building (including every graduate studio) to the public. Its a fun even and it was one of the first times most of my friends from Savannah had all visited my studio. I think overall it was good. I made these handouts for people to take and got some positive feedback. No sales, but I think sales where low on the whole for everyone that night

.travel history all in my hands

anyone that took one got a copy of this drawing on the handouts that I made.

img_4200.jpg studio walls…

a larger version of that small drawing..did it just for the cause.

img_4191.jpg the states are coming along nicely…

My rivers piece was hung around the corner from my studio.

img_4193.jpg Guacamole adds a nice touch and oh so good.

…at Mike’s installation, somewhere over the rainbow….

Tonight I have another opening downtown at Dimentions Gallery. Im excited. Will have pictures from that too to follow.


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