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October 19, 2007 / hascott

updates and requests

For anyone who is in the Savannah area tomorrow night, you must come to Alexander Hall Open Studio Night. Its from 5-8 and should be a good time had by all. I know i look forward to it. There will be new stuff up on all the walls and all of the graduate studios will be open to the public. I think Ill make some guacamole too;)

As far as artwork goes… I have ordered some new materials for cyanotypes. A large piece of pre-treated fabric and van-dyke solution to do the same stuff in brown. I will finish the paintings i have started and continue working with variations of the cyanotype process until my review in 3 weeks…we will see what they say about it all then.

I have been searching lately for artists and galleries with which I feel i have a kindred style too. This compilation of information is informative to understanding what is going on in the art world and where my place in it is. It will also be helpful when I start to write my thesis paper down the road. I am going to post links to what I find as I go (for records for me and info for you).

my request:

If you find a current artist (or not current for that matter) that reminds you of my style, subject or media…or a gallery that represents works that seem in line with mine, please post a link in comments to share with me. I would really appreciate the help.



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  1. angray20 / Oct 22 2007 11:11 pm

    Hey, we haven’t met, but I was looking at your blog and i think I may know someone whose work reminds me of yours…check out the work of Canadian artist Peter Dykhuis at he’s a mixed media artist who is also the director of a gallery in nova scotia. hope it helps!

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