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August 30, 2007 / hascott

back with the fumes again

After a summer of felting, sewing, gluing, drawing and cyanotype I am missing the smell of paint, linseed oil and mineral spirits.

Im getting back in there to gear up for then new fall quarter.

I am working on a 6 panel project that compliments my US rivers 3 panel piece. Instead of being in earth tones of green, brown and red…the color palette is to be more industrial in the colors of Thomas guide map book (blue, yellow, some green, pink, purple, and that weird brownish color) with an overal grey tones feeling. It will be in lines from hand prints as before but this time I am carving out the major highways. I have the first one almost done. Im working from west to east.


img_2055.jpg detail

And I am starting the second.


For your memory… this is what the rivers one looked like: US rivers

and I took some new details of it recently…

img_2061.jpg img_2060.jpg img_2059.jpg


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