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August 14, 2007 / hascott

States of mind

I’ve been thinking lately about childhood stuff…the way we learn as children, ways to learn as an adult. Memory and states to be exact. Its amazing how ignorant we are, as a people, as to where things are located in this country. I found these flash cards and arranged them according to general location but since each state is not a sqaure it doesn’t quite work out. Its not done but I am sewing over it and will be painting on it too.

img_1839.jpg (sorry the orientation is off).

The backs of the cards were equally as interesting for the sayings or mottos that each state has.


To name a few odd ones:

Maine= “I direct or I lead”

Maryland = “strong deeds, gentle words”

Indiana = “the crossroads of America”

Wyoming = “Equal rights”

Alaska = “North to the Future”

New York = “Ever upward”

Virginia = “Thus ever to tyrants”

Colorado = “Nothing with providence”

Idaho = “Let it be Perpetual”

Washington = “Bye and bye”

California = “Eureka!”

Oregon = “She flies on her own wings”

New Mexico = “It grow and as it goes”

West Virginia = “Mountaineers are always Free”

Where did these come from? I think they are interesting to investigate as a subverted message in recreating maps.


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