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August 14, 2007 / hascott

Maps and blueprints : Exploration in cyanotyping

Josh and I have been experimenting with a chemical photo development process called cyanotype. It uses the indigo pigment as activated by the sun. Its been tricky but fun a full of unexpected outcomes.

Right now I am using my recent map drawings that were done on translucent vellum to burn an image on the treated paper.

I plan on doing a ‘blueprint’ of my imaginary tree house for the old oak tree of my childhood back home.
img_1860.jpg img_1859.jpg img_1858.jpg img_1857.jpg img_1856.jpg

img_1855.jpg Im going to have to credit Sara a little for the prior treatment of this paper. I left a coffee pod on some watercolor paper I had out to stain it as a background for something. Its made some neat impressions from the circle shape. I grabbed it when I was treating surfaces in my ‘dark room’ (aka garage) and the coffee added something neat to the blue when printing.

img_1853.jpg img_1851.jpg


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