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July 22, 2007 / hascott


So, I have been thinking about trees a lot lately. I feel really scattered in all of my artistic interests and its really getting to be time to make some decisions and run with it because my 15 hour review is in the fall. What ever will my thesis direction be. Here are the branches of Hilary A Scott’s art tree right now;)

1. Road travel snapshots from the wheel: these capture travel and America from my personal experiences. Moments of inspiration with the road, capture light, landscape………..I still have quite a bank of images to work from for these and getting more every trip…could pair them with aerials of the same location.

2. Aerials: originally inspired by flying and Google earth. Would love to take a hot air balloon ride or small plane someday. Capturing the nature of this alternative view of the world is a different way of seeing places that we see everyday, it is a way of understanding more of the ‘whole’……could be patchwork paintings with textured crops…

3. Hand prints: from my fascination with my own very wrinkle hands. I have taken prints of many peoples hands and done blown up paintings from the lines. Would like to continue to make these large scale.

4. Maps: a direct movement from the aerials. Have always loved looking at maps, recreating them in a fine art form reveals a greater beauty in a mostly functional ‘drawing’……also looking a created maps, from the essence of maps, imaginary places/lands.

5. Treehouses: not sure where this tangent came from but to be in represents a human interaction with nature the same way the road is an exchange with nature. The treehouse represents something I always wanted as a child but never got. Rebirths child-like imagination and escape. I dont know how to exhibit this visually still. Im starting from the best way I know how to begin. Photos, research and drawings.

– will make drawings, screen prints and cyanotype prints from drawings of treehouses…blue print like… to begin.



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  1. rainparker / Jul 23 2007 9:27 am

    heehee, i like the art tree reference. I personally love the treehouse direction, but I think this is due to a personal affinity for them. I like what you said about it representing something that you always wanted but never got, as well as imagination and escape. I know you are in a quest for a thesis, so I sure plenty of people will be giving you their thoughts and advice as well. But me personally, I love the treehouse idea. And I also think that it is going in a whole new direction for you, instead of staying with subject matters you have already done a lot of beautiful work with, like maps + travel.
    Anyway I am interested to see what you have come up with over the weekend + c u this afternoon.

  2. rainparker / Jul 23 2007 9:28 am

    one more thing, thanks for giving me your feedback this weekend, it was much appreciated and i am grateful you took the time to do so:)


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